How to Replace the Air Conditioner Filters

AC Filter Replacement

To prolong the life of the air conditioning system in your home so that it can continue to work properly and produce clean, cool air, you will need to routinely change the air conditioner filters. More particles in the air filter reduces the amount of air that can be able to flow through it and they can also cause the air conditioner to work improperly or fail to work completely. Besides prolonging the life of the air conditioning system, replacing the filters will also help save a considerable amount of money on energy costs. Air conditioner services Miami is there to help the residents of this place with air conditioning system problems and therefore you should make a point of seeking repair before the problems that the system has aggravates. The best way maintain the air conditioner is to have a regular schedule for replacing the filters. You should not wait till they system starts to fail. This will enable the air conditioner technicians to ascertain any problems in the system earlier before the system starts having issues.

How Often Should the Air Conditioner Filters be Replaced?

It is recommended to be changing the air conditioner filters after every three months. This might however differ with the efficiency of the filter of the air conditioning system that you are using. There are some which may need t replacement after every month for them to be able to function properly. For the filters to be more effective, they need to be changed more often. The efficiency of the filters is also determined by their size as well as the concentration of the material that has been used to make them. The amount of dust that filters are exposed to and trap will also determine their efficiency and lifespan. Another factor determining the efficiency of the air conditioner filters is the household’s environment. In the event that you have pets in your house, pet dander will combine with dust and as a result cause the air filters to clog more quickly. The number of pets available in your house will determine how often you will be replacing the air conditioner filters.

How do you Replace the Air Conditioner Filters?

The first thing to do is to ensure that the unit if off. After that you will look for the filter in the air conditioning system. It is usually located in the return duct where air from the house is pulled through. Once you locate the filter, remove it and then insert a new one of the same size. You should make sure that the air conditioner filter is tightly fit in its space to allow air to only flow through it and not around it. Also make sure that the arrows on the filter point in the same direction of air flow. Usually, the arrows are supposed to face towards the air duct and away from the person replacing the filter. Do not forget to close and secure the latch when you have finished replacing the filter. If you find these steps to be difficult to follow and you reside in Miami, air conditioner services Miami from reputable companies will be handy to you.