How Much Money I Can Save By Installing High Efficency Air Conditioner Unit

High Efficency Air Conditioner Unit

The ever-rising energy costs have forced many
homeowners to seek efficient ways of heating and cooling their houses. One way in which a typical homeowner can reduce energy consumption is by using a high efficiency air conditioner. Though such a air conditioner will cost more than a traditional ac unit, it will enable you save on operating costs, hence prove cheaper in the long run.
Before you begin to evaluate your options, it is important to understand how the efficiency of such systems is represented. Most air conditioners come with what is referred to as a seasonal energy efficiency rating (SEER). This indicates the relative amount of energy that would be used by the system to provide a specific cooling output.

High Seer Air Conditioner Can Save Up To 50% On Electric Cost

SEER is in turn determined using the energy efficiency ratio (EER). ThisĀ  is defined as the quotient of the cooling capability of an air conditioner in British Thermal Units per hour, to its electrical input under specific tests. A higher SEER means that the system is more efficient.
An old air conditioner could have an SEER that is as low as 6. By law, new systems are required to have a rating of 13 or higher. The highest value achieved so far is 23. However, systems with a rating of 18 are considered highly efficient.
Replacing an old AC unit with its modern counterpart with a higher rating will enable you make considerable savings on your cooling bills. For instance, replacing an SEER 10 unit with a modern a/c unit with a rating of 18 could slash your bills in half.
But how much more efficient would an SEER 11 unit be as compared to an SEER 10? Such ac unit would be about 7% more efficient. When you look at them from a monetary perspective, these percentage figures will enable you choose an affordable but efficient high efficient air conditioner for your home.